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Current/Recent Obituaries or Archived Obituaries

All obituaries are submitted at the request and approval of the family and all
information contained within is provided by the family.

A Note About Online Condolences
Obituaries our displayed in our Current/Recent Obituaries section for at least one month. They are then moved to the Archived Obituaries section. Once an obituary is removed from the Current/Recent Obituaries section, you are unable to submit any more online condolences to the family of that individual.
On our website, submitted online condolences are not available for public viewing. We believe that correspondence between you and the deceased's family should be kept private. Once you hit Submit, the condolence is emailed to a specific address at the funeral home, where it is printed off and put into a file with other condolences for that person. If the condolence is submitted in sufficient time before the service, then the condolence will be given to the family at the conclusion of the service. Any condolences submitted later will be kept in the folder and mailed out about every two weeks.

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